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Why do we fall in Love?

Love is undefineable to a dictionary's standards. It isn't the same for every person. We can't always put into words the reason that we feel this intense sensation inside of us to love another human being.

But why do we love if we can't explain it?

We love because it gives us a sense of emotion that we want to understand, but can't really seem to grasp the concept of. If we continue loving something or someone, we continue to grow this emotion. It becomes more and more addicting to try and figure out why you are feeling it. Love feels so good that you don't want to stop feeling it, regardless of if you understand it or not.

We are natural born lovers. Nothing we do can take that emotion from us, no matter how hard some try to not love anyone.

Too many of us love for the wrong reasons, though. We love hard on others because we don't know how to find that love for ourselves. Once we get used to seeing others in love, whether in reality or from what the media is showing us "Love" is, we yearn for the same things; the roses, the walks on the beach, the friendships that never end, the 50 year anniversary stories. We want it all.

It's definitely attainable, to have this deep affection with another person, whether it's a friend or a significant other. You can have love, once you learn to truly love and appreciate the person that you are.

There is this exercise that I am practicing now, and it makes me feel great. If you'd like, feel free to try it and comment back or email me to let me know how it makes you feel.

The Self Love Process

  1. Stop wherever you are.

  2. Look in the mirror (Any mirror will suffice, even the front camera on your cell phone)

  3. Tell yourself everything that you like about yourself. (If it's the same thing everytime you do this practice, then say it everytime. If it's something different AWESOME!)

  4. Tell yourself what you've accomplished so far in your day.

  5. Tell yourself what you plan on accomplishing in the rest of your day and in YOUR FUTURE)

  6. Smile at the creation of God that you are, then give yourself a huge hug.

  1. Say "I LOVE YOU, just the way you are" and mean it.

  2. Continue on with your day.

This self love process makes me feel so much better about being human and making mistakes. It makes it easier to own up to the fact that sh*t happens.

It also helps me to realize that as long as I love myself, it doesn't matter who doesn't because the one who see my self love won't be able to do anything but love that confidence.

Fall in love with yourself, you'll love the outcome!

Until Next Time, Peace, Love, and Happiness

Serenity Marie

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