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Why am I even blogging? Pt 1

Hey Loves,

Today I was doing a lot of thinking. I was wondering about the things that I'm good at and all of the goals I've wanted to achieve. I didn't know if I had too many goals, too many unachievable ones, or not enough.

I sat for hours just thinking and jotting down ideas and hobbies that I've taken up in my life. One of them is being a voice to those who need guidance.

I've always enjoyed helping friends and family members with things that they may have been struggling with. Giving them new perspectives on issues that I've had experiences with, and growing together as we dealt with their problems.

My little sisters were always my crash dummies that I would talk to and practice my life coaching skills on. I assisted them through the tougher years in elementary school and taught them to be content with who you were and how it would draw people to you.

Going into my older years, I helped more and more peers, mainly women, with the things that caused them emotional pain and prevented mental growth. From there, I spoke at a few events at the programs I was apart of and to different social groups.

The more and more I participated in these programs, the more I knew that I enjoyed talking to people and making them smile. This is what brought me into wanting to be a life coach and mentor.

I've experienced a number of things in my life so far, and I'm sure there will be more obstacles. I would like to use my experiences that I've had to take my hobbies of talking to people and turn it into a career.

So, if you all would like, join me on my journey of mentoring young people, especially the young women, into powerful and confident civilians who will be ready to take on whatever comes their way.

This is why I'm blogging, and stay tuned for the next one. It'll be well worth the read.

Until Next Time, Peace, Love and Happiness

Serenity Marie

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