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Why am I even blogging? Pt 2

Hello all! This is part 2 of my last post, with less words and more video and audio.

The video you all are about to watch gives a little more insight on who I am and why I am choosing to do some of the things I've ventured into.

I lost my home 3 years ago to a fire, and before then my family moved around a lot. This enabled me to meet many different people and learn their behavioral patterns. Losing my home was the most humbling experience for my family and I, we lost everything but each other.

I always loved being there for others, but when this happened, and more people reached out and helped my family get back on its feet, it made me want to journey into helping people even more.

I have such a passion for teaching young girls how to love themselves, and respect themselves like the QUEENS they are. Once our young ladies learn to love themselves, the young men will appreciate it. It's the way to healing our communiteis.

Women are th backbone to men, and without us being strong for them, they weaken.

But enough talk for now, enjoy the video! Any questions or comments? You can contact me here.

Until Next Time, Peace, Love and Happiness!

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