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Miami Sex Trafficking is REAL/Beware of the Company You Keep

Although this may seem very detailed and personal, EVERY PIECE OF INFORMATION IN THIS VIDEO IS IMPORTANT.

As women, we have to be safe when traveling the world. We can't take anything for granted and think that it can't happen to us. There are really bad people in the world who will take advantage of us and if we aren't smart, we can easily be victims of crimes.

When it comes to the company you keep, make sure you do the research on the people you bring into your lives, because there may be situations like mine. Make sure you and the person you are with are prepared for situations that may be dangerous.

IF that person isn't capable of being there for you, reevaluate him/her and ask yourself if this is a person you want in your circle.

Nobody deserves to be afraid or scared and alone.

If you have sisters, girlfriends, nieces, moms, etc. Watch this video and spread the word. We have to stay safe.

Peace, Love and Happiness

Serenity Marie

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