• Nitty

@DjEarnMoney drops Debut #rapMIXTAPE M.H.B.T.T.G.M.T.R.S.F.I.I.R.T. produced by @AWDAZCATE

DJ Earnmoney dropped his new mixtape M.H.B.T.T.G.M.T.R.S.F.I.I.R.T. or if you didnt quite catch the acronyms, MOTHA FUCKAS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET ME TO RAP SO FUCK IT IMMA RAP THEN. This is a hot ass mixtape and I'm super glad he listened to those "motha fuckas" and decided to rap. The producing on this is also as hot as the mixtape. Makes you feel like driving and looking out the window or mouthing the words pretending you got a flow like him. My FAVORITE track is Computer Eyez :)

Peace Love & Happiness,


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