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Get to know the band Community Center!

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, this chamber rock band tells stories through their music all the while setting vibrant tones and melodies that make you feel you're inside their story. They are always performing live and taking on projects like parades to composing theatrical scores.

Want to watch them LIVE?? Go to http://communitycentermusic.com/schedule/ to see when they are performing by you next!

Can't see them live but you are dying to watch them perform? checkout some of their live performances like this one right here:

Who are they?

Brian Loeper- Along with using his own voice box as an instrument he plays the guitar, banjo and piano.

Danny Benbow- Uses his alto saxophone skills accompanied by the clarinet, vocals, and penny whistle.

Lacy Anderson- showcases her accordion skills just as well as her violin, piano and vocal skills.

Jeanette Lynne- every band needs a bass, and Jeanette is your girl. She's also your girl when it comes to vocals and guitar.

Amanda Rife- using the trumpet to diversify and amplify the music you hear, she also uses killer vocals.

Matt Stoner- the man for all your percussion needs! His speciality.

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