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What's New?

If you all didn't know, I've been pursuing my career as a broadcaster and event curator. Nitty's Knocker​ is a brand I've been pushing for about 3 years now, and it's finally growing into something beautiful.

I've wanted to give up multiple times because of the lack of support and not feeling like I would fit in, but I didn't. I worked through the hard times and I continue to work hard every day to give something worth listening and viewing to the world.

Everything I do with Nitty' s Knocker is not for me, it's for the people. I give exposure to underground art music and culture through the form of a web show as well as a newly acquired radio show.

My radio station, Que4 Radio​ has given me a platform to showcase this art and eventually I'll be able to curate with them and hopefully others! Please take 2 minutes out of your day to watch, and possibly subscribe, to my youtube channel and engage with me as I strive to be a Vision with Purpose for the millennials!

Peace, Love and Happiness!

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