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When Adulting Blows

Taxes, bills, rent, and student loan deferments can make a twenty something wonder,

"why the hell don't I know how to be a person?"

I’m not here to tell you what to do, I am here to show you compassion….it’s gonna be okay; you're not alone!

I know this "picture perfect" world of Instagram filters and Facebook announcements of accomplishments can leave you feeling like you're the only one that ran out of data and can't load the “Waze” directions to your hopes and dreams.

It's so easy to post about what's going right with life because it doesn't involve being vulnerable. But that doesn't mean that vulnerability is in vane. Being a twenty-something is literally a cluster-fuck of vulnerability that you either run from or learn to embrace.

Well girl, let me tell you...while embracing discomfort that you feel during moments of adult tantrums and unwanted melt-downs can suck super cherry blow pops, its better for you in the long run--here's why.

When you embrace vulnerability during times of struggle, you are accepting yourself as a whole. In other words, you’re loving on yourself through the dope moments as well as the shitty ones.

I'm the first one to run to a cute glass of wine after a long day to cope, so no judgments here...but I challenge the both of us to try something new. Embrace and accept the bad moments just as you do the good; because in essence, you are showing yourself the love you would show to a friend during tough times. So be vulnerable…show yourself compassion.

I bet your next question is, “that sounds feng shui or whatever, but how though?”

Think of yourself as your own best friend; if your best friend was having a moment, or going through a rough patch and called you what would you say? How would you console her and show her compassion?

Do the same thing for yourself! Sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk like, “okay babe, I know this sucks…but I trust that you’re dope enough to get through this temporary moment.”

At the end of the day…figuring out how to be an adult can be perceived as hard. And learning how to find the area for a rectangle in school isn’t helping you figure out how to file these taxes thoroughly, but find patience in your growth.

Be vulnerable. Show yourself compassion.

Your ride on the struggle bus will soon end, so sit in the front and talk yourself through it until those doors to your next journey of happiness open up!

Sending Positive Vibes.

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