CALEZ : Tonight on Nitty's Knocker!

It's Tuesday Guys!!

That means it's another week of Nitty's Knocker Radio on Que4 Radio's platform with hosts Nitty and Brandon. Each week we talk about entertainment, life and all things good!

Tonight we will be hanging out with Chicago Musician Calez aka Calecito aka POPPA, which is also the name of his most recent project! Click here to listen now!

We'll be playing the entire EP as well as talking about why we choose to stay in TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS >_<

It would be super dope if you guys tuned in tonight! Your clicks on the radio website help us to continue giving you great content. If you're feeling frisky, give us a call! 312-985-7834

Talk Soon1

Peace, Love and Happiness


Your Fave Unicorn 🦄

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