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Lebron James may be The GOAT!!???

How sweet can Lebron James be? How will people utilize this opportunity?

Lebron James continues to show his greatness throughout his career. However, I think this was the best decision he has made. The big question is will people take this opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves?

He opened up I Promise School back in his hometown, Akron. Lebron James provides free tuition, uniforms, bike and helmet, transportation within two miles, breakfast, lunch, snacks, food pantries for families, GEDs and placement services for adults, and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student that graduates.

You can say EVERYTHING FREE!!!

I hope that his black excellence rubs off onto many others. Lol! I personally never liked Lebron because of basketball. However, I love that he's concerned about our young black children. I will say he's the GOAT for his decision to open a school; however, he's still not the GOAT when it comes to basketball. Most people may disagree with me but I feel the way I feel!

On another note, lets talk about Lebron's decision to go to the L.A Lakers. Do you feel that was a great move for him? Yeaaaaa maybe!!!

He leaves his hometown team not once but TWICE! Why? He says the Lakers has a great facility and a younger roster to build with.

Well we'll all see whats next for Lebron.


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