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Good B*tch, Dumb B*tch | Does Kindness Kill?

Updated: Jan 31

I still manage to speak light and love into the people who’ve damn near scrubbed the ground with me and I don’t know if that’s me being a dumb bitch or a good bitch but I haven’t mastered the art of “do them how they do you” and I don’t think I ever will. —Jermesha Striblet

Good B*tch

/ɡo͝od • biCH/ adj.

I silence my ego on a daily. I do my best not to expect anything from anyone that they haven’t already agreed to fulfill. I practice patience and understanding and all that good sh*t... cause I’m a GOOD B*tch! That’s what good b*tches do. I forgive, I encourage discussion and I push for healing. I’m not vengeful, I don’t wanna “get you back”, I’m not trying to reek havoc on your life.


I would just prefer to continue loving and caring for you in all fairness. Respecting boundaries, of course. But, the point of it all is I DON’T WANNA HATE YOU. I don’t wanna be angry with you, I don’t wanna talk bad about you, I don’t wanna hear your name and have it shift my spirits. I’m at peace when I have very little confliction. In fewer words...


(anymore 😂)


Dumb B*tch

/dəm • biCH/ adj.

HOWEVER, it’s not like too many of you are deserving of any remorse, reconciliation, or a f*ck for me to give. So does that make me a dumb b*tch? Am I killing you muthaf*ckas with kindness when I should just be KILLING you muthaf*ckas, PeriodT?

Hm? Make it make sense, pooh.

If the shoe was on the other foot, would you still speak well of me? Would you still reach out? Would you harvest the same understanding and preserve the same love if I did to you what you did to me?


So, what does that say about me?

Am I a Good B*tch or a Dumb B*tch.

I’d like to take Good B*tch for 400, Alex.


Matter of fact, imma GREAT B*tch.

I’d rather love you than to hurt you and that’s Godlike. That’s strength. That’s discipline. That’s courage. And that’s completely my decision. That’s completely anyone’s decision!

Love on who you wanna love, but love with a strategy. Be open. Be honest. Be vulnerable. But be cautious.

I love us forreal

Favor, Peace & Blessings,


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