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Spilling MY Tea & It's Gonna Get Messy.

Updated: Jan 31

It’s time. Grab a drink, pen, paper ... alladat.

So let’s start with how easy it was for you to rush to this post once you realized how messy it was about to get ... OR maybe you were curious to see if you’d come across your name

And that’s cool. That’s innate.

It’s sometimes impossible not to run to good gossip, especially the kind you don’t have to go searching for. But how does it feed you? Let’s say you came here and it was actually what you expected... what were you gonna do with that information?

A : Read it and keep your opinions to yourself?

B : Read it and pass it along?

C : Read it and hit me up for an extended version?


Now, I’m not bashing or judging because I TOO enjoy a nice cup of tea... I’m just curious as to why we’re so intrigued by other peoples issues, hardships, embarrassing moments, breakdowns... why did you click on this post?

Its just something worth thinking about.

Favor, Peace & Blessings


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