Go to sleep GRATEFUL. Wake up REFRESHED!

Updated: Jan 31


(also known as Wednesday, the middle of the work week)

And I'd like to give some tips on how to go to sleep grateful and wake up refreshed!

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like everything is out of your control?

Was it like yesterday?

Yeah, it was like that for me too and it's really a terrible feeling to feel small in such a big world. I woke up this morning with new perspectives though and it's because I took some time last night before I went to bed to express my gratitude for the things in my day that I COULD control.

We live in an ever changing world and nobody has given us a guide on how to navigate through it. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though.

Wanna know why?? 👀

Because we get to write our own guide!

Yes! This was my expression when I realized that every single decision I've made was LITERALLY up to me. Even the decisions my parents my have thought they were making for me, were still my own.

Let me explain.

Our parents and guardians are the decision makers in our lives, yes. But we make the decisions on if we want to take their command, alter it a little to fit what we want, or just disregard it all together.

When we're born, we decide when we are ready to come out, when we are strong enough to walk, when we want to say our first words......you see where I'm going with this right?

I said that to say, every day that we wake up, we make up in our minds what we want to wear, eat, hang out and so much more. Each of these decisions are impactful on the outcome of your day and you have to decide......

Are you gonna beat yourself up for every consequence that came from your decisions?

Or realize that this is just a part of the guide you're writing.

I hope you chose the latter. There's so much satisfaction in laughing and smiling through the pain! We don't give ourselves enough credit and right now I need you to give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. You are really out here living!

Here are a few tips on how to go to sleep GRATEFUL and wake up REFRESHED

1. Straighten up your bedroom and make your bed before you retire for the night.

A messy room or environment is KEY to an uncomfortable situation. Your mind can't be free from stress if you're looking at clutter all around you. Try to turn some music on as you clean, there's a lot of relaxation that can come from a little bit of you time.

2. Write down 3 things that you did in the day that made you happy or something you accomplished.

Believe it or not, you smiled a few times today. You're smiling right now because this post is giving you LIFE, right? Lol it's so important to remind yourself that you're getting ish done, big or small it's a milestone in your guide.

3. Instead of watching TV or listening to a lit playlist, listen to some ambient music or something light to help you fall into a deep sleep. YouTube has a ton of them!

Sleeping with a clear conscious is ideal to waking up refreshed. I usually turn on one of my favorite ambient videos and within minutes I'm falling into a deep sleep. I wake up feeling full of magic and I can feel my energy radiating into the world.

4. When you wake up, AFFIRM your greatness and set a few simple goals for the day.

Tell yourself how awesome you are. Remind yourself of what you want to know you're capable of accomplishing. Affirmations are one of the best things I could have started practicing. Everyday I try to tell myself that "It's my world and people are just living in it!" The more I say it, the more I believe it!

Just felt like sharing some magic with you today! Remember to love yourself and remind yourself that you're doing a great job!

I'm proud of you!

Peace, Love and Happiness


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