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"ERYS" by Jaden - Album Review

The son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith continue to surprise us with his new album, "ERYS". Jaden demonstrates his lyrical ability and unmatched creativity in each song on this tape. A beautiful album, and today I will be giving my review as I listen to every song.

At first look, this title is of his 2017 album "SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion" spelled backwards. It consists of 17 tracks and spans just over an hour. It features Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Kid Cudi, and his sister Willow.

The first four tracks spell out "PINK", as he did with "BLUE" on his previous album. Apple music describes the first four songs as " a moody intro (P), bulldozing trap (I), intimate peek into his world (N), and a multi-act relationship saga accentuated by the buzzing of hair clippers (K)." These actually may be my favorite songs on the album, because of the continuity and their connection.

The following tracks "NOIZE", "i-drip-or-is", "Again", "Got It" and "Fire Dept" show an interesting combination - hard rock and melodic beats with rap and singing vocals.... definitely an interesting combination. However, the creative flows, breaks, and a great feature from Tyler, the Creator himself, it turns out great.

"Mission" and "Summertime in Paris" are kind of a recovery. Slow beats and melodic rap, not to mention, stellar vocals from Willow and her brother, as well as melodies that will stuck in your head. Trust me, I catch myself saying "summertime is meant to fall in love", or humming the beat all the time. But these songs are great for everyday music or something to relax to.

"Blackout" is kinda similar, but it deserves it's own light (see what i did there?). This song has the same energy as the previous two, but it's different. It talks about a girl falling in love with Jaden, and it has a lot of passion. And I love it.

"Pain". 'Rock rap' accompanied by french interludes. Not my favorite, but you know, gotta keep the bar high. Even for you, Jaden.

"Chateau", "On My Own" and "Riot". The features from A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi really, really, really bring out the color in these songs. These I really recommend as new listeners of three. It shows a different side of Jaden and reintroduces the energy from earlier. Riot is more of a bridge, a really long bridge. It's a good bridge though, as it leads to the title song.

"ERYS". This 8 minute track concludes the album in what is basically a summary of all the previous songs. There is energy, rap, distortion, rock, etc. etc. It's great, it really is. I think it was the perfect way to close.

After listening to this album, I think that it was really incredible that Jaden is capable of the hell that he brought forth with this album. Seriously, this album is great. I would say it's energetic, rebellious, and passionate. Not made for the weak-hearted.

It's just that good. This album is worth listening.

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed! IG : @zezeonnabeat

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