BLK | Sum’n Special for the SINGLES!

Updated: Jan 31

Hey Y’all!!

So we aren’t having The Social this month :( But I do have something special for all of my fave people!

I’ve been using this dating app called BLK. It’s a millennial dating app catered to, you guessed it, the black community! There are so many amazing people on the app and it caters to all of your desires yall. Whether you’re into men, women or both, you’re able to tailor your results by age and gender.

My match ratio is pretty much 10 for 10!

Anybody I “like” always ends up being a match for me and it’s been so cool knowing how much of a hot commodity I am!

I encourage EVERYBODY to make a profile, I’ve found some pretty handsome matches from other races as well. BLK definitely has my vote as the #1 dating app for our community.

On top of that, they’ve partnered with THE DRILL

If you know Chicago, you know The Drill. Their parties are literally a household name here in the city and this year it's the official festival afterparty with Chicago's own Jerimih.


If you want to gain FREE ACCESS to the Drill, all you have to do is DOWNLOAD BLK and create a profile! Show the completed profile at the door before 11pm and you're in there like swimwear!

The details are as follows:

DRILL Chicago

Saturday, July 20th

Joe's on Weed Street | 940 W. Weed Street, Chicago, IL

DOORS @ 10PM | FREE Admission with a profile on The BLK App until 11PM; Discounted Admission with profile after 11PM

Sounds By





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Peace, Love and Happiness!

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